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Multifunctional Manual Juicer


Juice with elegance and style. The 4-in-1 Multifunctional Manual Juicer is an optimal partner for extracting fresh, healthy juice from oranges, pomegranates, and other fruits.

Unlike other manual juicers, the 4-in-1 Multifunctional Manual Juicer makes it easy for you to juice, extract, grate, and even separate the egg white from the yolk. Its intelligent design allows you to do so many things at once without missing a beat. Put the extractor bottom side up and juice as many fruits as you want to fill the high-capacity reservoir.

Remove the high-quality juicer attachment and replace with the sharp and dutiful grater attachment to grate carrots, cheese, garlic, onions, and anything else that you need for making the best stews, desserts and other dishes.

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  • High Quality and Brand New – The 4-in-1 Multifunctional Manual Juicer is made from durable polystyrene and stainless steel for the best manual juice extraction experience.
  • Nonslip Base – Completely extra all fruit juices with confidence. The body of the 4-in-1 Multifunctional Manual Juicer will remain firmly on the table, no wiggles, no movement until you are satisfied with the quantity of juice that you get from every slice of fruit. The high-quality silicone base will last longer than rubber counterparts, ensuring reliable service for years.
  • Safe and Healthy to Use – The product is manufactured from food-grade ABS plastic.

Additional Information:

Juicing different kinds of fruits can help you lose weight, improve your skin health, and boost your immune system. It’s time to do away with expensive fruit juice packed with artificial sweeteners and unhealthy sugar. Switch over to freshly squeezed juice that is always healthy and safe to consume for the whole family.

What Makes the Difference?

  • High-Quality Kitchenware for Everyone – The quality of the materials always has a bearing on the performance of kitchenware.
    If you want freshly squeezed juice to be safe from contaminants and harmful chemicals, a product such as this needs to be made of high quality and food-grade materials. The best juicer 2020 should also be versatile and should not give you any headaches when you use it in the kitchen.
  • Use It for Squeezing Juice and Making Other Beverages – Our manual fruit juicer was designed to please the most demanding kitchen warriors, this manual fruit juicer does it all.
    It can help squeeze large and small fruits dry (especially oranges and lemons) and be used to grate garlic and ginger, for wonderful tonics and even cocktails. Making cocktails can be this easy with the help of a manual fruit juicer with the right features.
  • Bring It Anywhere You Like in 1-2-3 – Whether you are squeezing fresh juice at home or bringing a touch of home to camping, hike, or nature trekking, the 4-in-1 Multifunctional Manual Juicer can deliver.
    Its sturdy frame is ideal for many environments and scenarios, and it will be your best partner for extracting juice from however, many fruits that you want.
    The manual juicer components can be folded and stowed away neatly, compressing the dimensions of the juicer and making it even more compact and easy to bring anywhere you want to.
  • Easy to Assemble – It takes only a few seconds to switch from the large reamer to a lemon reamer, then to a stainless steel grater. The high capacity container can also be used to store fresh juice for an easy pour anytime, anywhere.
  • A Manual Juicer with the Best Features – The manual juicer comes with two reamers. The three-claw reamer is designed for maximum juice extraction of larger fruits like oranges. The perfect and symmetric design of the three-claw reamer allows the user to extract as much juice from each fruit.
    The smaller twelve-tooth lemon reamer, on the other hand, is more suitable for smaller fruits like lemon and lime so that it can provide maximum access to the pulp of the fruit.
    Our reamers are designed to provide the easiest method of extracting all the fresh goodness of fruits, double time. Hold the fruit firmly in your hand, press down and twist. You will get completely dry fruit halves every time, with all of the fresh goodness of the fruit safely stored in the container.
  • Do More with Your Manual Juicer – The manual juicer comes with special attachments that will make your life paradise in the kitchen. Take the 12-toothed reamer of the stainless steel fruit juicer and flip it. Crack an egg and pour it over the reamer, and the egg white will magically separate, leaving only a whole, unbroken yolk in the middle. If you struggle with separating egg yolks for baking and other dishes, it is now the best time to grab the best affordable juicer in town and get right down to business.
  • Best for Baby Food and Vegan Recipes – Vegan recipes often require fresh fruit and vegetable extracts – why not use the best affordable juicer in the market today? Get all of the nutritious goodness from large and small fruits and create the most wholesome meals and baby food you can imagine. Your baby will love the natural sweetness of freshly squeezed juice in his/her food, and fresh juice is also a great way to keep kids hydrated while giving them a ton of nutrients for their daily needs.
  • Measure on the Go – The food-grade container is calibrated, and you can measure how much juice you have extracted as you are feeding new halves to the juicer. This is excellent if you create beverages like healthy fruit juice mixes, cocktails, and the like. Get the precise volume of freshly squeezed juice every time. The container can hold 400 ml of freshly squeezed juice.
  • Easy to Clean and Store – This manual juicer is one of the easiest to clean kitchenware that you will ever encounter. Preserve the nutrition and flavors of all your juices without worrying about a hard clean-up after. All you need to clean it is warm water and some dish soap.

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