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4pcs Creative, Colorful & Geometric Trays


Attractive and diverse in use, the Our Cherish free-combination splicing fruit tray is a beautiful addition to any home. With four distinct and lively colors, this geometric tray set can be arranged in a variety of ways to hold numerous types of items, from food to decorative items for your patio.

Made from hand-painted, high-quality plastic, Our Cherish represents the latest generation of geometric trays that can help set the aesthetic of any living space, from your dinner table to the living room and even outdoor spaces.

Bring home color therapy and boost your mood with this one of a kind tray system that sets the standards high for design and beauty. Our Cherish trays are also eco-friendly and perfect for any occasion.

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  • Eco-Friendly – Our Cherish is made from 100% recyclable materials. We support sustainable production and helping our environment.
  • Aesthetic and Tasteful Fruit Trays – Our hand-painted plastic dishes are a must in every home as they bring the best of color therapy and art to enhance your living spaces. They are fashionable, artful, and aesthetic for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Four Trays, Geometric Freely-Combination Set – Never run out of the ideas when arranging your decorative trays. Play with endless combinations and decorate any table like a pro. Combine two or more sets during parties and serve multiple dishes, fruits, nuts, and other items for your guests to enjoy. Clear the table in one goes by stacking the trays neatly for the fastest clean-up ever. Our Cherish dish sets are made to please every homemaker.

Additional Information

Our Cherish geometric dish sets are a boon to any home and bring with them the precious gift of color therapy. Our Cherish dishes can easily replace a bulky outdoor tray, worn rattan tray, or your old bamboo tray. It is an ideal coffee table tray, with the added benefit of being naturally aesthetic and decorative. Our Cherish dishes will light up your home and easily lift everyone’s mood with their striking colors and beautiful geometric design.

Color, Decorations, and Emotions
  • Color Therapy is Here For You – Color therapy is an alternative way to boost your mood and possibly remedy other psychological problems with the use of different colors. This practice is both modern and ancient, because “colors as medicine” has been around for centuries. Traces of this practice can be found in Hindu texts and various other ancient philosophies.
  • Colors Are Highly Therapeutic – Modern color therapy involves surrounding ourselves with specific colors to uplift our mood and improve our mindsets. Our Cherish dish sets are naturally colorful, hand-painted, geometric dish sets with various light and vibrant colors that can help you achieve emotional balance and happiness by changing the landscape of your indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Colors Can Bring You Up or Down – The psychology of colors states that different colors have different emotional and mental impacts on people. Said, the colors that you have in your surroundings may be setting your mood and mindset subconsciously. If you feel that you need a brighter and happier environment, the change starts with investing in kitchenware like Our Cherish, which provides beautiful solid colors for the whole family.
  • Color Therapy Can Also Be Art Therapy – Our Cherish dish sets are masterfully made and natural aesthetic; just having them is like having small pieces of art in your home. Combine this with other colorful items that you can add to your collection, and you have the perfect formula for a most uplifting home, with just the right number of colors to help people feel happier and brighter.
Kinds of Colors
  • Warm Colors Bring Energy – Warm colors like yellows, reds, and oranges are naturally energizing and can bring quick feelings of happiness to the person viewing them. These colors are also naturally attention-grabbing, and they can also make people focus on the task.
  • Cool Colors Are Creative and Relaxing – Cool colors can evoke many things, from sadness to create. Cool colors are not “fixed” in their meaning, and how we combine colors can ‘tune’ how the colors present themselves in conjunction with other colors.
  • Happy Colors are Uplifting – Surrounding yourself with bright colors like peach and pink can automatically make you feel lighter, brighter, and more comfortable. Bright colors cause the brain to surface from feelings of darkness and sadness, too.
 Our Cherish’s Four Colors
  • White is Neutrality – White represents purity and innocence and also elicits feelings of cleanliness] and brightness. It also provides a sense of expansiveness and space and creates the perfect backdrop for other colors to produce their effects. White is also a most neutral color, and it can be matched with any different color to heighten the impact of the contrasting color.
  • Yellow is Happiness – Hands down, Our Cherish’s yellow plate is associated with the most positive things in life, from happiness to laughter. Yellow dishes exude warmth, entertainment, and contentment, and a zest for life. Feel hopeful again as you arrange your new Our Cherish yellow plate along with its companion dishes. What is unique about this color is you can’t make it darker without turning it into another color spectrum. Yellow is associated with the sun and easily evokes the best feelings from people.
  • Green is Nature – Green is the color of the earth and is a most calming note amidst the din of modern life. Green emits serenity and peace, and a feeling of being one with nature. The pastel green of Our Cherish dishes will bring your home tranquility and harmony like never before. In some cultures, green is also associated with being progressive in life, as well as abundance and wealth.
  • Peach is Exuberance – The color of peach is taken as an inspiration from the well-loved fruit. It is the color of clear and open communication. It is a color that encourages people to be talkative and exuberant in how they express ideas. It is also a most calming color that can be combined with different hues, from whites to blues. Peach belongs to the luxurious palette of soft and feminine colors, and it matches well with any backdrop or aesthetic, too.

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